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What Matters

Lori Slings will do what's right for you, your family, and our great state:

  • Making tough budget decisions because it's what Iowa needs

  • Education leads to economic success in our communities and in our state

    • Continue to narrow the learning gap between the diverse student population. We need to recognize more efficiently that each student learns in different ways with different abilities, and we need to make sure we are narrowing the gap between each level of learning so that each student shows growth to the highest of their abilities each and every year.

    • Continue to manage and maintain a stable and financial growing district. Keep spending at manageable levels while working to increase the programs and opportunities offered to each of our students while ever-increasing costs and growth escalate our expenses. 

    • Continue to increase the rigor and expectations of our students and staff while being fiscally responsible for an ever-growing district. 

    • To make sure that every single student feels safe and secure to learn at their own potential, staff enjoy a safe collaborative teaching and learning environment.

  • Supporting internships and trade training creates success and economic development community-wide

  • Healthcare and Mental Health

    • improve funding​

    • improve facilities

    • improve opportunities

    • reduce stigma

  • Always strive for a Living Wage

  • Union members deserve the right to negotiate more than just their salary

  • Jobs and skills training

  • Soil, air, and water regulations for all citizens and increased state funding for the DNR

  • Taking care of our environment and mitigating climate change

  • Eliminate food insecurity for all Iowa citizens

  • Reproductive Healthcare and a Woman's Right to Choose

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